My sons say it’s time for a facelift. Not me, my blog.

Mainly, you’ll notice a more orderly breakdown of stories. While my emphasis will stay on sports – tennis in particular – we’ll continue to offer other topics, including politics and human interest features. The stories will be divided into separate categories. Also, we’ll occasionally invite other bloggers and students to contribute commentaries.

When Barack Obama became a presidential candidate, I felt compelled to add my two cents worth regarding the road he traveled to become the nation’s first African American president. His struggle to stay focused on the job at hand has been – and will continue to be – made more difficult by a segment of our society which blindly opposes black leaders at any level.

Right-wing extremist leaders – with malice of forethought – will continue to do and say anything to disrupt, discredit and destroy Obama’s policies, even when they prove to be what the country needs. Please join the conversations with your own thoughts and comments.