After a five-year hiatus, I’ve finally returned to my internet reporter’s beat, which includes the world of sports, politics and anything else that stirs my juices. My emphasis, of course will continue to be sports, particularly tennis.  During the Australian Open, we ran a three-part series on the disappearance of the serve-and-volley style of play.    At the three remaining majors, beginning with the French Open (May), Wimbledon (June) and the U.S. Open (Sept.), I will list the favorites-to-win the men’s and women’s titles, write features and commentaries.  Of course, if anything special or unusual happens during the rest of the year, I will add my two-cents worth on the topic.

Over the weekend, we published the first of what’s sure to be a 10-month series on Donald J. Trump’s assault on the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, the backbone of our judicial system. When Barack Obama became a presidential candidate 12 years ago, I felt compelled to follow his candidacy and his two-term tenure. Trump’s presence in the Oval Office should inspire everyone to join the fray. Why, you say? The country you save might be your own.

Occasionally, we will present tributes and human-interest features that we believe will be of interest.  Through your comments, I expect you to guide us to other topics that we might overlook. Finally, we plan to invite other bloggers and college students to contribute commentaries or special features during the year.

Please join the conversations.